The Ben Osborn Memorial Fund

Ben’s Book Station Sponsors

March 3, 2015

In order to be a sponsor for one of our local book stations, we are asking for a $100 donation. To date, the following people are a part of that sponsorship program and next to their name is the town in which they would like to support:

Lake George

Mayor Bob Blais

Kathleen DuBois

Glens Falls

Friends of Betty Little ($200)

Bob & Rita Whiteman

Jeanne Howe (Big Cross)


Linda King

Cindy & Bob Roberts

Carlene Poster

Emily & Tom LaPier

Belinda Sundberg

Cynthia Murray

Roxanne & Mark Westcott

Lori Florian

Linda Campinell ($200)

Robert Judge

South Glens Falls

Jim & Noreen Wilson ($200)

Gretchen Taylor

Fort Edward

Don & Sharon Amorosi ($200)

Mary Ellen Barlow ($200)

Fort Ann

Debra Foote ($200)


Vera Burnham

Mary King


Rodney & Susan Johnson ($200)


Terri Perry

As well as Joan Snyder-Cole and Carrie Farley!

A BIG thank you to those that have also donated books to our Literacy Program. We could not fill these book stations without your help! If you have books that you would like to donate, please call or drop us an email.

Thank you to everyone, the support is heart warming!!



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