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Literacy Initiative – Ben’s Book Stations

November 25, 2015

Bluebirds Nest Abe Wing Abe Wing II




Our sixth and latest program has the potential to have the greatest impact on our area youth. This is our literacy initiative of making books availability to kids all the time, any time thru Ben’s Book Stations. While it is important and sometimes vital to provide what we do through our previously mentioned programs. To bring knowledge to our neighborhoods with unfettered accessibility has the potential to enrich the minds of thousands of local children. The more knowledge and information these children gain will translate into smarter kids who are easier to teach who will realize greater achievements who will become better citizens. That is truly exciting!

Prior to the launch of the Ben’s Book Stations our literary initiative was responsible for the distribution of over 1,000 books to local schools and organizations. Our first book station at Usher Park in Lake George has been a resounding success since its debut June 16, 2015. We have replaced almost seven hundred books to date. I trust these books are being read and not used to level a stool! We have just opened two new stations in Glens Falls One at Blue Bird’s Nest and the other at Abe Wing School. How exciting for all! I hope you will take the time and opportunity to check these out. Thank you to our book station sponsors and students involved.

As this newsletter goes to print Queensbury, Fort Ann, Hadley and Luzerne are ready to launch their students’ efforts in the next couple of weeks. There are at least fifteen new book stations under various phases of design and construction with most ready for a spring debut. Stay tuned to Glens Falls, Queensbury, Lake George and Granville with many more to follow!

For infomation on sonsoring a book station or donating books call us at (518) 792-4514 or email us at [email protected]

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