The Ben Osborn Memorial Fund

Literacy Initiative

December 30, 2014

Literacy Initiative

Wow! What an amazing outpouring of support from our community. Thank you to Amanda from the Post Star whom shed light onto the new initiative that we are hoping to see to fruition by spring 2015. If you missed the front page spread then please click below to read it:

This idea came to my father last summer when the fund was “on break” from the previous hectic school year. A moment never passes where William Osborn, the president and founder of the memorial fund, isn’t coming up with new ways to give kids a little lift. He wanted to come up with an opportunity to help those in need but to also incorporate kids that want to give as well. Whether it is in building the stations as part of the tech program at local schools, donating books or helping keep the stations stocked and well kept, children of all ages can enjoy by reading or helping.  This “idea” is now becoming a reality!

To date we have several schools ready to start building, we have close to 2000 books ready to dole out, we also now have 14 sponsors for our book stations and we are ready to go!

If YOU would like to be a sponsor for this new initiative OR to donate books for our book stations that will be placed through Warren and Washington counties then please contact us here on our website, call William at 518-792-4514 or email us at [email protected]




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