The Ben Osborn Memorial Fund

Warren County  K-9 Ozzy

November 25, 2015

Three years ago I was contacted by Warren County Sheriff Bud York. He was developing a new K-9 unit. Traditionally, dogs are named after fallen police officers or in memory of distinguished long term policy department employees. Fortunately there was no policy officers killed in the line of duty. It was suggested that the Sheriff’s department K-9 be named in memory of Corporal Ben Osborn. We, as a family were thrilled with the idea and honored. Hence, K-9 Officer Ozzy, Badge #40 (Ben’s football jersey number) became Warren County’s newest recruit. This is just the beginning of the story.

We learned that Ozzy needed a bullet proof vest to protect him while carrying out his duties of drug detection, tracking and handler protection. Unfortunately there were no funds available in the department’s budget at that time. With Sheriff York’s blessings we embarked on a program to raise some money to help purchase a vest for Ozzy. A custom fabricated bullet proof vest cost about fifteen hundred dollars. We thought if we could raise five hundred or so it would be a good start, little did I know. The plan was called “Change for Ozzy,” with the idea of approaching the elementary schools in Warren County asking the elementary students to donate their spare change. In return we gave them a sticker of Ozzy with an opportunity to meet Ozzy up close and personal.

1987 - Ben and Bill Osborn with family pet Bern. )

1987 – Ben and Bill Osborn with family pet Bern.

What an incredible outpouring of support. We received notes, messages, slogans and change, lots of change. Change delivered in five gallon buckets. These kids believed, they wanted to help, they wanted to and did take over this initiative. My deep appreciation to the bank tellers at the Glen Street, Queensbury branch of the Glens Falls National Bank. They counted every penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

And the kids, they were absolutely incredible with their commitment to make this program a success. After all, Ozzy was counting on them and they were not going to disappoint. The elementary schools involved were Queensbury, Jackson Heights, Kensington, Big Cross, Hadley, Luzerne, Lake George, Warrensburg, and Greenwich. Infinity is endless; that is the extent of our gratitude to the kids and administrators for all they did to make this initiative the success that it was.

The children raised over $4,600 to protect Ozzy. Ozzy has his custom vest and the extra money is being used for additional training and veterinarian expenses. Ozzy is now a veteran on the department with many great accomplishments helping to catch the bad guys.

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